About Us

Our mission is to make organic clothing available to the masses. In other words,  we aspire to make sustainable clothing and norm and not just a fad!

We fundamentally believe that people want to be a part of the solution and if given ‘better choices’ they would naturally choose sustainable, leading to better adoption and a positive impact.……..and the cycle continues

So What Do We Mean By ‘Better Choice’?

Organic Clothing

Our Goal

Organic clothing for the masses

better choice

We design “Better choices”

Functional ✓
Affordable ✓
Sustainable ✓


You choose without hesitation

Be ensured that you are receiving quality organic products that are durable

Organic Clothing

Together we continue the cycle

Better adoption leads to further lowering prices and better product innovations

Let Wildman Explain How Our Organic T-shirts Are Made

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How do you trust we are truly ‘Organic’?

About us

The ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ (GOTS) makes sure products like Woodwose are truly organic. Not just the final item, but the entire processing chain. So neither the customer, workers or environment are ever compromised.

  • A GOTS certified product has at Least 70% organically grown fibers.
  • Only low impact chemicals are allowed.
  • Keeps an eye on water and energy wastage.
  • Ensures workers have a safe and healthy working environment.

GOTS is widely recognized by all major sales markets in the world